Check Out Travelistic Videos To Help Decide Where To Teach

travelistic_small1.gifThere are loads of interesting vidoes availabe at which give you a five-minute glimpse into the view “on the ground” in various countries thoughout the world.

If you’re thinking of TEFL-ing in Asia, give these videos a look-see and then visit Working In Asia: An Overview for additional info and links.

Tokyo – you can almost smell the fish at the fish factory and you can definitely hear the karaoke.




Phnom Penh – a bit more on the serious side, see the daily lives of a few locals and the challenges many people face. Perhaps all the more reason to consider being a volunteer teacher there via Language Corps’ Cambodia program.

Beijing – accompany a French expat around town on his motorbike for a haircut and a meal.

Bangkok – visit the floating markets and crowded streets of the Thai capital.

Hanoi – poke around the Vietnamese capital, starting with the purchase of a bicycle.