Daily Dose: October 12

It’s about time the TEFL Logue caught up with the rest of the blogging world and linked to some online video. Here you go:

See what it’s like to do your TEFL course practice teaching in these video clips provided by Guy Courchesne. Once you open this one, you’ll see four more in the same series which you can view as well.

Observe a you tube video of a trainee on a TEFL course in Argentina leading a group in a relatively high-tech (well, high tech for TEFL) grammar game.

To see if teaching young kids might work for you, watch this video from Taiwan. The kids are cute, I’ll give you that, but it took me less than a minute to confirm this area of TEFL is not for me, at least not in this lifetime. (Yes, the first 1:20 or so is in fact of a cat rolling around. Hang in there.)




Check out two very short clips of other trainees teaching – Nikki and Ray.

Here is a video of some English language students introducing each other. For an idea of level, these students sound like they’d be in an advanced level (or exam prep) class were they students at any of the schools I’ve taught at.

Finally, if you could cope with the kids in the above video in Taiwan, check out this video of kids at a variety show on a Chinese holiday (in…China).

And of course, to do a search of your own, head to: video.google.com or youtube.com.

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