Daily Dose: October 15

You may have heard about animal-assisted therapy in hospitals helping people recover faster…what about animal-assisted English learning? It’s happening in Hong Kong.

Find out how foreigners are faring in South Korea given all that’s going on just a bit north, and also read the interview of a TEFL Blogger.

If you worry about your safety overseas, definitely don’t read this about the kidnap of a volunteer English teacher; perhaps it’s better to check out Al Jazeerah’s report of his release.




For some light-hearted news, check out “Fun in three tongues” which is about pre-school children who are learning English but not at the exclusion of their first languages.

See what one respected Indian author has to say about the role of English language in India.

And finally get up to speed on Thailand’s debate over English language instruction in the future: bilingual schools? importing native speaker teachers?