Resource: Video – Daily Life Of An English Teacher In China

china_milreg861.jpgThis video is worthy of post of its own for a number of reasons:

  1. It’s very well done and of a reasonable length — long enough to give you a rounded view of his day, short enough that you don’t fall asleep. Okay…I like the Daniel Powter song too.
  2. Actually seeing something is far better than just reading about it (someone may have come up with a clever saying about this…something about 1000 words?)
  3. You see some cool things — students with a sense of humor, friends, a cool bus driver — and some realistic not-so-cool things — large classes, somewhat difficult to understand students (though that could be because of the background music) and the school bathroom. Yikes.
  4. You see his flat. And the setup is remarkably similar to mine! Except instead of a nice desk, I have five armoires. Seriously though, it’s always interesting to see where other people live, but very valuable to get a glimpse of where you might be living if you teach overseas.