Top 10: TEFL Blogs

How better to find out if TEFL is for you than to see what people who have done it have to say about it? And who better to give teaching advice than current teachers? The following blogs are my personal pics and include blogs which are useful for both current and potential EFL teachers.

I rate regular updating and good content highly. Most of these blogs are current, but those that are not are included because of the wealth of information and perspective they provide nonetheless.

1. The Daily Kimchi — a regularly updated and often humorous blog about life and work in Korea.

2. This Guy Is Teaching Abroad. Canadian EFL teacher Guy Courchesne shares his insights on a wide range of issues – including teaching – from Mexico City.

3. An ELT Notebook — put together by an English language teacher in Italy who has over 30 years experience, this blog provides methodological advice on a variety of topics.




4. Wandering Seoul — this blog follows one TEFL-er through her year teaching kids in Korea.

5. ESL Lesson Plan — this blog contains the advice and insights of a teacher who has worked in China and is currently enrolled in an MA program in Applied Linguistics/Teaching English as a Second Language.

6. Into Africa — chronicling the adventures of a woman who recently completed a TEFL course in Egypt and plans to teach in Sudan, Into Africa is just getting off the ground.

7. ESL Blog — this blog of a teacher in Korea features many rather introspective posts.

8. An English Man in Nyugun — join a British teacher who participated in the JET Program for a year in Japan.

9. Journal From Oaxaca — the blog of an EFL teacher working in Mexico who became certified via Language Corps and continues to participate in their flagship program.

10. Seoul Man — last only because it represents a year in Korea which ended in 2003. This blog presents a square look at TEFL in Korea a few years back, with hearty entries once a month.

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