Map of Bangkok

Map of BangkokBangkok can at times seem like a maze set in a steamy greenhouse. Thankfully, and not surprisingly, tourist maps of Bangkok abound. Some are obviously going to be better than others; I often use the ones distributed at the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) offices. Make sure that English is used — a map isn’t of much use to you if it’s in Thai.

Online, check out for an interactive map of Bangkok. It’s on CD, so give yourself time to get it before your trip! They also print a Bangkok bus guide (with routes and fares) as well as bilingual maps (great for asking directions). Many products are available for download as well.




By far the most fun is Nancy Chandler’s illustrated map of Bangkok. Colorful, with personal annotations, the Nancy Chandler map is as useful as it is entertaining. A detailed map of the Chatuchak Weekend Market, for example, notes a stall that sells darling dresses, but notes that they’re “Thai sized.” Order ahead on her website, or pick one up from bookstalls in Bangkok.

[Photo credit: arthit, Flickr]

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