Tours Thailand

trekking in thailandWhen visiting a country for the first time it’s impossible to do everything you plan to do. And Thailand makes no exception. There is a lot to do in this country and it’s impossible to do all the activities at once. So looking for the perfect tour is exactly what you need.

Adventure Tours

Trekking in Thailand is a very interesting experience, perfect for those who want to stay active during their vacation. The trekking areas are located in Northern Thailand. Unfortunately prices are only available upon request.

Cycling is also a nice way to spend an active holiday in Thailand. The cycling trails are also located in Northern Thailand. The day rides start at US$25/person, while the overnight trips cost US$50/person.

Kayaking, golfing and diving tours are also available in the popular beach areas, such as Phuket. A kayaking day trip in the Phuket region costs 2,900 Baht/person (US$92).




If you prefer to dive, the price for a day trip starts at 3,100 Baht /person (US$98) and includes 2 dives. A day trip which includes 3 dives costs 3,600 Baht/person (US$114). Please note that you need to hold Open Water Diver certification. Renting the full equipment costs 750 Baht (US$24).

Eco-Friendly Tours

Eco-friendly vacations are the new hype in the entire world and Thailand is no exception. There are several types of tours which are considered eco-friendly: Learning Elephant, Elephant Teaching Expedition, Elephant Education special and Elephant Volunteer. Such tours cost between 2,500 Baht (US$80/person) for a day trip and 7,100 Baht (US$225/person) for a 3 days tour. The best part of this type of tours is that you get to learn a lot about those magnificent animals and their habitat.

Other Tours

Ever heard about the hotel located on water? If so, you can actually book a tour and stay at River Kwai Resotel. A two days tour which includes accommodation at the hotel and visiting several landmarks in the area starts at 3,650 Baht/person (US$116).

Fancy a cruise? No problem. Several cruises are available in Thailand. River Kwai Cruise is a 4 days cruise on RV River Kwai, the first inland cruise ship in Thailand. Prices start at 20,550 Baht (US$652) / person and include accommodation and meals on the cruise ship, as well as entrance to several places visiting during the course of the cruise.

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