Visa on Arrival now available in Palembang: South Sumatra

Great new for travellers wishing to enter Indonesia from South-East Asia as now they can enter through Palembang in south Sumatra at the Sultan Mahmud Badaruddin International Airport. Medan in central Sumatra is another entry point but if you want to visit the fascinating areas around southern Sumatra then this […]

Visas to Enter Indonesia

Unfortunately the days of obtaining a free 60 day visa on arrival in Indonesia are long gone. Most western travellers have to obtain a VOA or Visa on Arrival. The cost for this is US$10 for a stay up to 7 days and US$25 for a 30 day visa. The […]

Foreign Embassies in Indonesia

There are occasions when you might need to seek advice or help from the consulate of your country when in Indonesia. You will get all sorts of assistance on matters like visa formalities, passport requirements and other issues like to vote in your country’s election if you haven’t placed an […]

Visas for Indonesia

When travelling to Indonesia it is mandatory you have a visa to enter the country. These are obtained in a number of ways.