Why go to Thailand?

Thailand, a paradise on earth, has a lot to offer to tourists: white sand beaches, lush jungles, tasty food, wild nightlife, and many more. You’ll just love it!

Maybe you’re thinking about the money, budget and how expensive it would be to go. But let me tell you something, the most expensive part of Thailand is getting there. Especially if you live in the Western Hemisphere. Once you’re on the ground, Thailand represents a great place to stretching the value of dollars, which is why it’s long been a standard on the Southeast Asia backpacking circuit.

Why go to Thailand? We’ll give you just a few reasons out of the many you’ll find by yourself:

Let’s start, shall we?

Food lovers, you must try the Thai Food: an enormous variety of spicy dishes. Try These 8 Dishes in Bangkok, and when you’re done with those, try these 5 Unmissable Thai Dishes.




Warm weather and all the virgin beaches where you can just sit in front of the oceand and relax, have all the drinks you want, or go to one, two or three of their many islands. Sick of the cities? Cast Away on the Similan Islands. (Yes please!)

From the cheapest hostels to luxury hotels, your choice, but it has them all. Spas, shopping, all the buddhas around telling you to find yourself and be at peace; and, as if it wasn’t enough, we’ve heard Thailand has one the friendliest population in the world. Get wet and wild at Songkran With The Locals.

To those who appreciate the culture and idiosyncrasy of a country more than anything else, we are just going to leave this here, so you see it for yourself: Learn to Wai like a Thai!

Need more? Ok! If sustainability in travel is a core value for you, check out these 7 Sustainable Ways to Dive Into Thai Culture. Also, if you’re an eco traveler/lover, you should check out the annual Monkey Buffet, the King’s Cup and the annual Phuket Vegetarian Festival (a mix of vegetarianism and quite unusual rituals and shows). It’ll all blow your mind.

Something extra?

Have you heard of Thailand’s “Banana Pancake” Trail? We’ve got 5 Tips for avoiding it.

Stop making excuses and just get there!

Photo by: Andrzej Bieniek

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