When planning your vacation in Turkey, choosing the right accommodation is the next step after booking your flight. Everyone is flocking to Turkey in the middle of the summer —July and August- so if you are heading to the beaches you should book your accommodation in advance.

Accommodation in Turkey takes many forms: from the luxury hotels in resorts, to the budget hotels or hostels, to three houses, and everything in between.

Let’s take a look at some accommodation types in Turkey so that you know what to expect.


Even during the peak season, hotels are quite affordable. There are a lot of luxury hotels on the Turkish Riviera but you can easily find a 3 star hotel which will be affordable and clean.




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Catering for budget travelers, hostels are an excellent way to save some money on accommodation (and obviously spend them on something else). Hostels now cater for a lot of travelers, including those who don’t want to stay in shared rooms.

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Booking a holiday villa on the Turkish coast is a very popular and affordable way of spending your vacation here. You can do whatever you want; you are not linked to a schedule. Plus you can cook for yourself and explore the surroundings whenever you want.