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Hostel Room in TurkeyAlthough hotels are affordable as well, if you are traveling to Turkey on a budget —or just prefer to spend your money on anything else but accommodation- hostels are the best option for you.

Need to know

Hostels might not be for everyone so read carefully before hitting the “book now” button.

  • Not all hostels are the same. Some might have only basic facilities while some might feel and look like a small hotel.
  • The cheapest beds are always in shared rooms. But if you don’t particularly enjoy spending your night with several other travelers you have never met, you can also book private rooms. Beds cost a bit more but some of the private rooms even have the toilet and shower in the room.
  • Read the reviews before you decide where you stay. You don’t want to end up in a party hostel if you plan to sleep during the night (particularly if you travel with children).
  • Don’t underestimate the power of fellow travelers’ reviews about a place. If several people say a place is a dump, it sure isn’t worth your money!
  • Book your bed in advance. It won’t save you money but it will save you a lot of headaches. The better rated the place the less chances to find available beds.
  • Online booking systems also list inns and budget hotels as hostels.

Prices and locations

On the coast




Pretty much anywhere you go on the Turkish Riviera, West Turkey or Aegean coast you will find either hostels or other budget places to stay.

In Bodrum, at Bodrum Backpackers located right in the center of the town, you will pay US$17 per night per person in a private room (single or double) and US$13 per bed per night in shared (dorms) rooms. Prices don’t vary from season to season but make sure to book well in advance (about 3 months before arrival).

In Kusadasi, there are several budget places to stay. Stella Travelers Inn is nicely located, overlooking the harbor. In a double private room expect to pay at least US$18 per person per night, while a bed in a shared room starts at US$11. Prices vary from season to season peaking from mid-July to mid-August.

The cities

Istanbul is filled with hostels, making it a really attractive city for the backpackers. One of the best rated hostels in the city is Orient Youth Hostel. Its fame draws a lot of tourists to make sure to book ahead of time (better said, way ahead!). For a bed in a double private room you will pay about US$26 per night, while a bed in a shared room starts at US$14 (US$18 in 8-beds dorm). Prices don’t vary from season to season.

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