Tours Turkey

Boat in IstanbulTours are cost effective way to explore as much as you when you visit Turkey. Tours are for everyone: you might want to explore a city by foot, or you might want to explore Turkey’s caves. Culture tours are also very popular among tourists. Turkey is a vast country, offering a wide range of things to do and explore. That makes it impossible to visit everything at once. To get the most of your vacation, plan some tours in Turkey.

City Tours

Many companies offer guided tours in all of Turkey’s major cities. The most popular tours, however, are those of Istanbul. You can choose a walking tour of the bazaars (yes, you are required to shop!) or a walking tour of the historic Old Istanbul, among many other options.

With some careful planning it’s also possible to “create” those tours yourself. Do some research and grab a map and a good pair of walking shoes; then you can start exploring.

And yes, there is even a Hop On, Hop Off tour bus which you can take in Istanbul and explore whatever you want.




If you prefer to have a set schedule, you can opt for a three days (2 nights) Istanbul tour, which includes the accommodation, the meals and a full day tour of the city. This package will set you back about 670 Turkish Liras (US$ 550) if you book a double room.

Very popular are also the “Turkish Night” tour which always includes the Folklore night and belly dancing shows. Such a tour costs about 64 Turkish Liras (US$ 53) per person. The company will pick you up at your hotel and take you to the restaurant where the show is held. The dinner is included in the price.

Culture Tours

Culture Tours are high popular among tourists seeking to learn more about Turkey’s history. Such tours will take you to important Roman ruins where you’ll be able to visit the archeological sites and learn more about them. An eight day tour on which you will be exploring “the best” archeological sites in Turkey (Istanbul, Canakkale, Ayvalik, Selcuk, Denizli) costs about US$ 700 (plus €150 payable at arrival) for each participant. Daily tours at the important archeological sites are also available.

Since Greece is near-by, many companies offer cultural tours which mix sites in both countries. Such tours can take up to 20 days.

Other types of tours

There are countless other types of tours to enjoy. You can take a tour of Cappadocia by plane or daily tours on the Turkish shores. And let’s not forget the Belly Dancing tours —yes, the ones that teach you how to belly dance!

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