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Spreading over two continents, Turkey mixes the mystical Asian atmosphere with the modern European one. The country has it all: history, sun, belly dancers, bazaars, coffee…Being a big country it’s really impossible to visit everything on your first trip here. The best idea is firstly to decide what you want to do and then choose an area. Then write your must-see/must-do list and plan your vacation around it. You might even want to consider taking a tour.

Flights to Turkey

The first thing to consider when you plan your vacation in Turkey is the plane ticket. The sooner you book, the easiest to find a seat, mostly if you want to head to Turkey during peak season. Make sure to check the low-cost airlines that operate on the Turkish airports. There are regular flights to Turkey from most cities in the world and there are even more charter flights during the summer.

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Where to Stay in Turkey

The next step is obviously finding the perfect accommodation. Turkey is crowded during summer as everyone seems to flock to the beaches. So it can be rather hard to find accommodation unless you book well in advance. There are plenty of places to stay in Turkey: hotels, hostels, villas, tree houses.

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Getting around Turkey

Traveling between cities in Turkey is quite easy. You can either catch one of the domestic flights or take a bus. The network of roads is pretty good, so renting a car is also a good alternative. Trains are quite expensive, however, and railroads are rather limited. Public transport in the cities is inexpensive but crowded. “Dolumus” on the other hand, a shared taxi or van, is a better option, while in Old Istanbul you can take the tram. The public ferries link the European to the Asian part of Istanbul.

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