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I have always been an independent traveler. Aside from booking my hotel via a travel agency (once in the past 15 years of traveling!), I’ve taken a lot of pleasure in figuring absolutely everything on my own. I love it when I realize I have read the map correctly and I managed to find my way between two important landmarks. However, from time to time, I feel the need of an actual “vacation”.

What do I mean by that? In my mind, a vacation is going on a trip without anything to stress over, especially the small details. I don’t want to worry about how to get to the next attraction. I just want to sit back and relax. And Turkey is one of the best places in the world to do that.

What are Turkey vacation packages?

Turkey vacation packages are a combination a different travel items, including but not being limited to: flight, accommodation, meals, car rental and tours, into an easy-to-book bundle. They save you the headache of searching for each item individually. When you look for a vacation package on the Turkish Riviera, most likely you’ll end up with an all inclusive package. But, don’t worry, packages comprising only several items (such as flight and accommodation) are also available.

What are the benefits of choosing a Turkey vacation package?

The main benefit of choosing a vacation package is the peace of mine. Remember how long it takes to find the flight, the accommodation, figure out the best deals, then figure out the transportation? Choosing a package means you won’t deal with these as everything is taking care of (or you’ll have to choose a hotel from a short list). So you’ll save time. Plus, you don’t need to take care of small details so you can really relax before and during the vacation.




Another benefit of Turkey vacation packages is the possibility to save money. Whether you get a discount for a tour or the transfer to/from the airport is free, or your kids eat for free…it adds up. And with those money saved you can indulge in something else. Maybe you can buy a souvenir you always wanted or some clothes. Or you want to have a special night out.

Who is a Turkey vacation package right for?

While packages come in money forms and they are practically for any budget, not all travelers enjoy the idea of having to be in the restaurant at a certain hour or to take part in the tours/activities included. If you want to go on your honeymoon or you want a vacation to just relax and do nothing, then a Turkey vacation package is a great choice.

If, however, you love to figure out things on your own, you are never in the hotel when others eat the meals, you want to explore the local markets to try the new foods, and you are very happy when you get from one attraction to another using the public transportation, then a vacation package is not for you. Still, you can book the flight and accommodation if you can save some money, but forget about including meals and tours.

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