After your plane ticket to Vietnam, choosing your accommodation will evidently be the next step. Planning in advance can sure pay off; not necessarily in terms of prices but in making sure you will have a place to stay once you get to Vietnam.

Sleeping in Vietnam can be very cheap, affordable or expensive, depending on where you are heading to and what you are choosing.

Here is a description of the types of accommodation you can expect in Vietnam.


Compared to the Europe hotel prices, the Vietnam hotels are down right cheap. Not to mention you can find really affordable places in the middle of the tourist attractions. Prices depend on the category, facilities and location but generally they won’t change too much from season to season.




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Vietnam is the backpackers’ heaven. And backpackers look for budget accommodation, be it hostels, budget hotels or gueshouses. You can find them all under the designation of “hostels” on all online booking systems. And best of all, they are really cheap! For less than US$10 you can stay in a private room with all the facilities of a mini hotel.

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Vietnam has a nice coastline, filled with beautiful beaches, diving spots and beach resorts. Catering for those who are willing to spend more than the backpackers, resorts offer luxury accommodation, as well as a lot of activities. Prices are still in the affordable range though.

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