Car Rental Vietnam

The concept of renting a car yourself in Vietnam is virtually non-existent. So when you here a local talking about renting a car, they refer to renting a car with a driver. Honestly, after you see how crazy the traffic is here, you’ll probably lose all desire to drive yourself and choose to hire a professional, as well.

International driver’s license is not valid in Vietnam. You have to register with your own license to get a temporary Vietnamese license if you want to drive here. In general, foreigners are advised against driving in Vietnam.




In case you do decide to rent a car in Vietnam, you can do it online. Several car rental companies (including Budget Car Rental) have offices here. It’s advisable to rent a small car. Prices start at US$28 per day.

However, on most websites you’ll find the prices quoted for fuel, toll fee and driver and they start from US$23 for 8 hours in Hanoi and US$25 for 8 hours in Ho Chi Minh City. If you need to get from one city to another, the prices are quoted in US$ per km.

Driving in Vietnam

Generally, it’s hard to describe the Vietnamese driving habits without using words such as: nightmare, atrocious, hazardous. Road courtesy is non-existent. Mirrors aren’t used for…anything and the horns are used all the time. Lane markings are ignored even on roads large enough and which have visible markings.

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