Cheap Flights to Hanoi

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Hanoi is Vietnam’s capital city, a fascinate place which blends the East with the West and offers travelers an interesting mix. The Chinese influence and the French colonial architecture make it a very sought after travel destination. Since Vietnam ranks high among budget travelers, it only makes sense for Hanoi to be on the list of cities where you would want to fly into and find affordable deals.

An airport serving Hanoi

Most travelers arrive on Noi Bai International Airport (HAN), located 35 km from the city center. It is hub for Vietnam Airlines, the national carrier which offers flights within Asia and to Europe. Many Asian airlines offer direct flights into Hanoi.

Saving money on flights to Hanoi

Since the weather makes Hanoi an unbearable city during the summer, tourists come here either during spring or during autumn. If possible, plan your vacation in advance and book your flight ahead of time. Also, it’s a good idea to fly during the shoulder season.




The tropical south is always warm but do avoid traveling in January and February (during Tet Holiday). This is the busiest time of the year when every local seems to be traveling for the holidays.

If you fly from Europe, you might not need to choose a connecting flight, but always check the various routes. Sometimes, you’ll end up spending some more time in airports but overall, you’ll save a lot of money. If you fly from Australia or the Americas, you will have to make a stop along the way — most likely in Bangkok, Thailand – as there are no direct flights to Hanoi.

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