Flights to Vietnam

hanoi airportVietnam is a very popular destination among international travelers. However, the majority of the tourists are backpackers on a low budget, looking for cheap airplane tickets.

Airports and airlines

Most international flights will arrive on one of the three major international airports in Vietnam. Direct flights are available from Europe, US, Australia. However, most of the international traffic comes from neighboring Asian countries such as Japan, Hong Kong, Cambodia or China.

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The main local carrier, Vietnam Airlines, offers direct or indirect flights to the following destinations: Cambodia, Laos, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, China, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, France, Germany, England, Australia and New Zealand.

Tips to get cheap airfare to Vietnam

Vietnam is a very popular tourist destination and since many airlines fly directly into one of its three international airports, it’s quite easy to find cheap airfare. Both last minute deals and seasonal packages are a very good way to save some money on your plane ticket to Vietnam.

Do your homework and check which airlines have their hubs on one of the Vietnam airports. They are more likely to offer discounted airfare.

There is no particular preferred season to visit Vietnam. Due to its diverse geographical regions, there is a lot to do in Vietnam any time of the year. It depends however on where you want to go. If you are heading to the beaches on the south coast, the high season extends from December until April, which is the hot and humid season. If you want to go to the mountains, choose the hot season between May and October. Based on that you can figure out when the airfare is cheaper for a particular region.

Book your ticket several months in advance, especially if you heading to the beach during the high season.

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