Hostels Vietnam

Hostel roomVietnam is a preferred destination for backpackers exploring Asia or going on RTW trips. Hostels cater for these tourists, as well as for the budget travelers. Although even hotels can be affordable, hostels in Vietnam are unbelievably cheap, even if you decide to book a private room.

Need to know

  • Although the term “youth” is still used in some hostels’ name, the age barriers are practically extinct.
  • Not all hostels have the same facilities. Do your homework and research a bit before choosing where you want to stay.
  • The cheapest beds are always in dorms. If you like to share your room with persons you have never met and you are willing to withstand their “nocturnal habits”, then this is the choice for you. However, if you travel with your significant other and want some privacy, you can always book a private room. The majority of hostels offer both types of rooms.
  • Carefully read the reviews. Some hostels are notorious for being “party” hostels, while some are quieter. Depending on your style, choose what you prefer.
  • Book your room/bed will in advance. While the prices don’t particularly change from season to season, you have all the chances to be left without accommodation if you decide to come on a short notice. The best rated hostels book up first.
  • Most often budget hotels and guesthouses will also be listed under the hostels page in online booking systems.

Worth trying


Heading for the capital city, Hanoi ? Don’t worry about cheap accommodation since there is plenty.

Ocean Star Hotel, located just near Hoan Kiem Lake is one of the best rated budget accommodations in Hanoi. There are 20 rooms, all having bathroom with tub, AC, TV, telephone, WI-FI. Breakfast is included in the room price. A private double room costs US$7/person/night and the prices don’t change during the year.




Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City)

If you plan to stay in Saigon there are several budget hotel/hostels where you can stay and don’t feel like you pay for a hotel room.

Yellow House Hotel is located right in the heart of backpackers’ area. There are both dorms and private rooms. If you want to stay in the dorm, the bed costs US$6.5-7/night, depending on the season (higher between August and April). A private twin room costs US$8.50/person/night all year long. The private rooms have bathroom, AC, TV. The breakfast is included in the room/bed price.

Nha Trang

If you plan to head to the beaches, you should consider staying in Nha Trang, the beautiful coastal city.

Golden Hotel is one of the best rated budget hotels in Nha Trang. Located at just 5 minutes from the beach, right in the city center, it offers luxury rooms at the price of budget hotels. A double superior room (which can accommodate 2 or 4 guests) costs US$15/person/night all year long. Breakfast is included in the room price and there is free WI-FI available.

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