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cruiseTours represent one of the best ways to explore a country. There are tours for any budget and for any type of traveler, from the romantic ones looking to go on cruises to the adventurous ones wanting to explore the jungle.

City tours

Most often it’s impossible to visit everything that a city has to offer. That’s where tours come in handy. Depending on your interests you can choose the perfect tour to explore parts of the city.

A full day city tour in Hanoi costs as little as US$23/person, including the entrance fees to the places visited.


Nothing is more romantic than spending 2 days on the Halong Cruise, exploring Halong Bay, enjoying the sun and the incredible sea-food. The sunrise is also very spectacular. For US$270/person (standard accommodation on the ship) you can offer your loved one an unforgettable cruise in Vietnam. The best time to enjoy this tour is between September and April. Check out Vietnam-Cruises.




Adventure Tours

Vietnam is a preferred destination for all of the travelers looking for some thrills. The beautiful mountains, rain forests and unspoiled nature create unique locations for those who want to explore nature. There are easy trails for the beginners but also harder trails for those used to this type of tourism.

For as little as US$42/person you can take a 2 days tour in Cat Tien National Park, where you’ll be exploring the nature and watching wildlife in the unspoiled habitat.

If you are a beginner when it comes to adventure tours, don’t worry. There is something for you as well. Probably the best tour to combine nature and culture in the Sapa region. The three days trek will set you back about US$198/person and includes breakfast, entrance fees to landmarks, accommodation and train tickets.

>>more information on the Vietnam Jungle

Multi country tours

Multi country tours are also very popular in the area. You can explore Laos, Vietnam and the Mekong Delta is a 14 days tour, visiting cities and important landmarks as well as exploring the nature.

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