Vacation Rentals Vietnam

Traveling costs in Vietnam might be low, but if you want some comfort and want the freedom to explore the places at your place then renting a vacation home is the best choice for you. Of course, you’ll also save money as you’ll be sharing accommodation price.

When to rent?

While the north part of the country has a temperate climate, the south part is blessed with tropical climate, which means the temperatures are high year round. Officially, the peak travel season in Vietnam is between September and April. Of course, that’s when the prices will be at their highest. Do avoid traveling in January and February, the busiest travel period in Vietnam.

In the north, the dry and relatively cold period is between December and March, while in the south it’s between December and March.

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What to rent

Deciding whether to rent a vacation house or a condo, as well as how large it should be can be quite a hard thing to do, especially if you do this for the first time. In order to figure things out, ask yourself the following questions: how many persons will be living together? Do we want luxury or is it enough to have the basic facilities? Is anyone willing to cook or we will be eating out?

Although you probably won’t be doing much cooking (since the food is so cheap in the restaurants and markets) you won’t need a fully equipped kitchen. But you’ll probably want to be able to brew a coffee or make a tea in the morning. So pay attention to the description of the house or condo before you rent it.

Unfortunately there aren’t many places listed on line, so you should be searching ahead of time and rent it before you get there. Prices range from US$15 per night for an apartment to US$560 per night for a villa, located right on the beach.

Payment issues

It is possible to book a vacation house online but the choices are limited. However, you will be able to pay online hence avoiding the high banking fees for abroad transactions.

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