Weather Vietnam


The official travel season is Vietnam is between September and April. The best time to visit the north part is between November and April, while if you want to visit the south part, plan your vacation between February and April.

Hanoi has a tropical climate, with hot and rainy summers and temperatures between 26C (average low) and 31C (average high). Winter is usually cold and dry, with temperatures between 14C (average low) and 18C (average high).

Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) is also located in a tropical climate zone and has hot temperatures year round. In April, the hottest month, the average low temperature is 26C while the average high temperature is 33C.




Different climates and seasons

Because of the difference in latitude and relief, Vietnam has two climate zones: moderate in the north and tropical in the south. And there’s also the central area, which also has two weather patterns.

The moderate climate is characterized by two seasons: winter and summer. Winter lasts between November and April and is cold and dry, while summer lasts between May and October and is hot and rainy.

The tropical climate is characterized by three seasons: cold, hot and rainy. The cold season lasts between November and January, the hot season between February and April, while the rainy season lasts between May and October. The weather is hot and humid year round. Typhoons are common between June and September.

The central area has two distinct weather patterns. However , in both zones, the summers are hot. And the winters are cooler. Between September and February the rainy season makes it difficult to travel through this area.

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